How Can You Turn Failures into Opportunities

Updated: Feb 7

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So you've decided to take a swing at the new position at work. The boss and everyone tells you, "This will be a perfect opportunity for you to stretch your wings." But in the back of your mind you've got this sneaking suspicion that this isn't a good idea. But you give it a try anyways.

The big day comes for you to try the new task and sure enough, you fail, but not just a little but according to your best friend, "No one has ever failed this bad."

Don't let Failure become the end, but turn your failures into opportunities to learn and grow.

In my own life, I have failed more times than I've succeeded. One time I failed so bad, they are still talking about it years later. But one thing I've learned, is that there is no failure I can't learn from.

It can be hard to see an opportunity in the middle of a failure, but it is possible. It takes practice and more importantly, it takes humility. You have to be willing to admit that you aren't perfect and that you can learn.

Just like when you were a toddler. Remember those days? You tried your best to learn how to walk. Each time you fell, the thought of just sitting there may have happened once but Mommy wasn't going to pick you up forever. You figured it out, as a matter of fact, you insisted on NOT receiving any help at some point. You learned from your failures.

That same attitude may have been buried over the years but it is never too late to become a child again and learn from our failures, mistakes and boo boos.

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