Learn from Black History Month

Updated: Feb 6

Each February, the world observes the accomplishments and contributions of Blacks. We call this month Black History Month and ever since I was an adult this month has been really special to me. Booker T., Malcolm Gladwell as well as "X" are among the historic character who have shaped my life. And each year another month fades but has this observance really accomplished what it should?

Black History month, in my estimation should be a time of renewal among Blacks worldwide. How many other people can have the entire world stop for 30 days to remember the historical accomplishments of their culture? Black History Month should be a time of spiritual and emotional renewal not only for the world but for Blacks in the world.

This month, take the time to read about men and women of renown yes, but more importantly, let their stories spur you on to becoming all that you can be.

Sherman Ray, Black Success Magazine

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