Manifest Abundance in Your Life

Updated: Feb 8

Abundance is just a Thought Away

Have you ever met those people who seem to have it all? The big cars, the latest clothes, their kids are even...THE BEST. How do they do it. What is their secret to living the abundant life anyways?

The secret to manifesting abundance is simpler than you think. It is an age old, tried and true method that anyone can master but it does take some effort. You'll have to follow this step by step method carefully even when you don't feel like it. And remember, there is no such thing as achieving great success and cutting corners.

Manifesting anything in life is an outcome or the thing you see at the end of a short or long process. Something had to come first in order for whatever you are trying to achieve to manifest.

To see abundance in life you must first decide you want to have it. Seems simple enough but the reality is, this may be the hardest part. We live in a society that re-enforces the notion that there is some impenetrable wall keeping Blacks from abundant living. This of course is a lie. But in fact, the messaging is all around us and we must tune it out.

Next, we must create a plan for earning and multiplying a positive attitude, friends, associations and money. I know this is a mouthful but it is a process.

Lastly, understand there are always obstacles to our manifesting abundance. Family, friends, circumstances beyond our control. All of these either must be eliminated or mitigated. In some cases it might come down to the ending of toxic relationships but if this is what it takes for you to go to the next level, then it is worth it.

Now the hard part, perseverance. Don't give up on your dream to be successful, rich, philanthropic; it is a matter of time and constant pushing forward.

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