Remove Every Ounce of Weight

I ride a bicycle almost every morning. Each time I ride, it seems I get some revelation or important thought. This time is no different and a matter of fact, it may be the most revelatory thought that has come to mind in quite some time.

In riding, less is more. The less weight you have to carry, the better it is for you in the short term and in the long-term. This is why a cycle that weights 11 lbs. might cost thousands of dollars more than a comparable cycle that weight 11.5 lbs.

You see in cycling every ounce counts. Ask any rider. The less weight the better rider and the better the ride. So let's apply that thinking to LIFE.

The less you have that weighs you down the better. Get it? Put another way. "Lay down those things that so easily entangle you."

Things like, Hate, Regret, Fear, Negative Emotions all have weight to them. Some of them society attempts to lay on us. Some are self-inflicted, whatever or however it occurs, we must remove every ounce of weight if we are going to have a strong and prosperous success journey.

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