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Stop Doubting and Start Believing in Yourself

We live in a digital world filled with “Social Influencers” and of course everyone wants to put out a video that will go viral. So no wonder there is so much pressure on everyone to be the next “one hit wonder”. Stop doubting yourself is my message to you. Stop doubting and especially stop comparing yourself to the next guy because you can only be the best version of you.

Success is different for everyone and when you start comparing yourself to the next person you fall into the trap of “being something that you aren’t”. When you start acting like someone else you fail to see all the marvelous attributes and potential God put in you at birth.

Imagine if Tiger Woods tried to play golf like Arnold Palmer or Denzel Washington tried to act like Robert Deniro, they would never have become “Tiger” or “Denzel”. No, find out who you are and then start to hone those uniquely “You” attributes.

Doubt is not believing in what God has made you. 

Believe in You.Inc

You have the potential to be anything you can imagine. An astronaut, biologist, designer or even the best parent in history. There is no lack of potential if you only believe. A great writer put it this way, “If you can conceive it and believe it you can achieve it” Now those are words to live by.

So today, get out there and start dreaming and conceiving what you “can” be and put action to those steps, start achieving.

Sherman Ray


 Sherman Ray is the Founder and Publisher of Black Success Magazine. Follow him on Social Media and online via Youtube. @shermanray 

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